Cryobath Technology

CryoBath Cold Technology Helping the Body Heal Itself! Mexico welcomes CryoBath and Caballero Global Markets “Founded by eduardo caballero chavez” nabs Exclusive distribution.
Mexico City, Mexico, and USA— December 2016 — CryoBath of McKinney, TX USA announces that it has very recently appointed Caballero Global Markets of Mexico City, Mexico to serve as its exclusive product distributor for the Mexico Territory. The announcement comes from CryoBath Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Tony Serna. em.

“Caballero Global Markets is the perfect distribution partner for CRYOBATH in Mexico,” says Serna. “In addition to having the most active and effective sales and marketing teams, they have a deep knowledge base and highly attentive support effort for all of the products they represent. They are completely in tuned with the heartbeat of Mexico and around the world for that matter, Mr. Caballero has the passion of 10,000 CEO’s combined and we look forward to working together with him.”

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